Reservation form




What does 'lowest price guarantee' mean? We offer the lowest final price among agencies with all fees included for accommodation. If you find a lower price at any other angency (not through direct contact with the owner), we will equalize the price
How come you are able to offer the lowest price? We are a small company that has succeeded in creating our own rentals software and other tools that help us automate heavy and everyday time-consuming proccesses; therefor we can afford the lowest commission fees towards the host/owner reflecting the lowest total price for you.
Is a reservation secured after I send an inquiry? No, you must first get a reply from our staff with the reservation and payment information.
How do I secure a reservation? In order to secure a reservation, you must pay 30% of the total price up-front (after contacting with us). It will be counted valid as soon as we receive the payment, or we get proof of payment.
What if I want to cancel a reservation? Contact us. After making the first deposit (30%), other fees will be waved.
Do you guarantee all properties are valid? We have physically visited each and every property; therefor we guarantee validity of all properties and their photos.
There are more than 20 regions in Croatia, but you only have 3. Why? We try to keep things simple and use names foreigners would be more familiar with. We put it into three groups as for now (North - Istria, South - Dalmatia and Islands), which might be expanded in the future.
Do you collect and store sensitive user data? We do not collect or store any sensitive user data. The most we would use would be your name and check-in and check-out time, in order to notify the owner.